Monday, July 2, 2018

Privatization - Biggest Scam We ALL Need to Know About

Fasten your seat belts - this is quite the ride after decades of being duped by the greedy rich who have misused their power and positions.
Basically, the only reason we do not have good things like most other advanced countries have is because the greedy sociopaths running things for decades wanted our unlimited federal money for themselves. Unlimited money? HOW CAN THAT BE? Yes, since the 70s, they understood that the federal government could issue any amount of money for anything that is physically possible.* And they wanted that money for themselves instead of using our money for the good of all as directed by our Constitution (Article 1, Section 8).

They devised the scam of privatization to get the money and took that scam global, getting money from our country and many others that could issue money with almost no constraints (meaning that the constraint is 'what is physically possible', or put another way, real resources are the constraint). But of course they needed plausible LIES to dupe the public, right? And so they pretended that our federal money is finite and 'like a household budget' to dupe us so they could implement their scam. They lie about our national 'debt', for example; it is actually our national savings account! They lie about having to raise taxes in order to have nice things. Every fearmongering thing they tell us is a LIE - about the debt, about the deficit, about 'can't afford', about 'have to make cuts to some programs', and on and on. We have seen the billions and billions approved for the war profiteers, the prison profiteers, the detention facilities, the healthcare insurance companies and more. WHY? Because people running those systems get to bill any amount and then siphon off whatever they want to get rich beyond what any normal business could achieve. Many - if not most - privatized companies are on the stock market, and the other corrupt thieves invest because they know that profits are guaranteed by our federal money! (This also applies to the countries we corrupted back in the 70s and 80s with the privatization scam - Australia, the UK and others.) Again - our Constitution directs that federal money be spent TO PROVIDE FOR THE GOOD OF ALL! As I see it, our corrupt elected officials have neglected their duty, disobeyed the Constitution, misappropriated federal funds, caused great harm and decline to our country, caused suffering and struggle for the American people, committed WAR CRIMES in many countries as they destroyed them, and more.... for money. They lie, cheat, steal, kill, imprison and detain - here and in other countries - as they go for their next 'money fix'. We must take the control OUT of the hands of pathologically greedy sociopaths and get ethical people in control of the government in order to help the country, humanity, and the entire planet.
*More info about how federal money REALLY works:
- Professors of economics put up Deficit Owls channel to inform the public. Start with this quick quiz and then peruse other info.

- A good short primer about our monetary system to help clarify.

- This blog exposes the lies we have been told, one at a time. That was what I needed to help dismantle the web of LIES I had been told for decades.


  1. Great piece,well written and eye feels like light bulbs clicking on all over my brain!

  2. Loved this. Put it in my recent event for Context .

  3. This is wrong. Money IS finite. We are 30 TRILLION dollars in debt. How do you we propose we pay this back?

    1. Obviously you did not go through any of the links I posted at the end. We have been LIED TO for decades. That 'debt' is not an actual debt, it is our national SAVINGS account. It is no more a debt than your bank thinks that your savings account with them (if you are lucky enough to have one) is some kind of scary debt.

      EVERYTHING we have been told is a lie - so that the scammers could do the scam of privatization. Instead of spending federal money TO PROVIDE FOR THE GOOD OF ALL, as other countries have done, giving their people MUCH better lives, our money addicts have taken that money to enrich themselves. Like the recent Space Force spending - more money for the corrupt!

    2. Watch Paul Ryan back in 2005 find out from Alan Greenspan that money is NOT LIMITED as long as the things it is intended for are PLANNED FOR! He learned - and is retiring early and RICH because he invested in privatized systems. All the while, he kept up the lies to the public about federal money.

    3. "money is NOT LIMITED as long as the things it is intended for are PLANNED FOR!" -- I don't understand that thought.

      Otherwise, great little essay. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is understood and used by the plutocrats to amass much vaster wealth than ever before, and they have done so in the most despicable ways possible (war, environmental destruction, promotion of fascism, etc.). MMT COULD of course be used in an entirely different way, to the real benefit of society and the world, and I applaud that sentiment.
      My quibble with MMTers (one of my quibbles) is that I am not confident in the endless strength of the U.S. dollar. The purchasing power of the dollar is propped up artificially by requiring that oil be transacted in dollars (the petrodollar system) and by U.S. military and institutional pressure, worldwide. There is no guarantee that this will continue, and indeed the fissures are forming as we speak; the evidence is everywhere. It has been going on for many years, but is now intensifying. I don't think the apocalyptic hyperinflation scenarios of the hard money types are in the offing. BUT: the U.S. dollar will take hits, probably big ones, in succession, over years and decades, and with that will go much of our wealth (which depends on the strength of the dollar). I should say: much of our ill-begotten wealth.
      In any case, the dreamland of MMT exponents, of unlimited free money for all the goodies that we all want, is not likely. It could have happened in 1950, say, or maybe as late as 1980, but now I don't know. The U.S.' criminal acts have been too numerous, too prolonged, too egregious, and the rest of the world is anxious to be rid of us. We used our fabulous unchallenged power, after WWII, to do evil all over the globe, and now the chickens they are a-roosting. The rest of the world (read: China, India, Russia, Iran, et al) are rapidly setting up alternative banks and other institutions, and their own oil trading system (yuan-based). The days of dollar hegemony are numbered, and the number is small; i.e. when it comes time for the workers and common people to get THEIR fiat paycheck in whatever form (direct cash payments a la UBI, job guarantees, social benefits, medical, etc.), it won't amount to nearly as much as might have been hoped. The plutocratic warmonger fascist assholes already "used up" the strong dollar days; that's behind us. I say this sadly.
      And by the way, I said "WHEN it comes time for the workers", assuming that that time would come; but that too is questionable. The U.S. is veering toward fascism, not advanced social democracy, much less socialism. The salad days of the U.S. dollar may just be eaten up ENTIRELY by the assholes. That's the way it looks at this moment. There is no organized left in the U.S. No focus of resistance. Nothing. I say this sadly, too.

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    5. If you pursue your concerns by going to the links under the article, you will see that the petrodollar is NOT a concern re the value of our dollar, and our 'wealth' depends on our RESOURCES and is not dependent on 'the strength of our dollar'. Also, MMT does NOT say 'unlimited free money for all the goodies that we all want', it is very clear that REAL RESOURCES are the constraint. As the article above states, the federal government can issue any amount of money for anything that is physically possible - this is NOT saying unlimited money for everything, it specifies 'physically possible', which is where PLANNING comes in to provide the physically possible things - for national healthcare, that is enough doctors, nurses, support staff, medical clinics, hospitals, medical items; for public schools, that is enough teachers, support staff, school buildings, supplies, etc; for infrastructure, that is enough machinery, labor, cement, steel, etc. Sensible planning, that is all it takes to provide such things. But our sociopathic money addicts have NOT done their duty and have no intention of doing it - they are deep in their addiction, and are unfit to govern.

  4. Another great piece from Debbie.